Manchester was founded almost two millennia ago by the Romans. In terms of population, it is the second biggest in England. People with many different interests will enjoy the city, which has interesting nightlife and lots of cultural exhibits. The nature near the city is beautiful as well, especially the magnificent Pennine mountains. Anyone interested in hiking can explore this nature as well. The city of Manchester, as well as its people, has impacted England’s nature and culture in many different ways. For example, Manchester was home to the first railway station that connected it with other cities of England. Foreigners might not know that Manchester has a rich culture as well. In this article, we’ll look at some of the highlights for the visitors of Manchester.

Manchester Museum

Manchester Museum

This is the largest museum in England. It features over four million exhibits, selected from many countries and cultures. Thanks to its Gothic architecture, the museum looks very impressive from the outside. Once you get in, you’ll be even more amazed. The theme of the Museum in general is that it specializes in archeology and natural history. Any person who loves history, paleontology, and related fields, will enjoy exhibits from the ancient world. The museum also explores the history of the city itself, from the Roman era to the current day. This place features a great vivarium as well, where visitors can see amphibians. Most people are impressed by the variety of frogs. The museum also features a skeleton of the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex. The museum contains a vast collection, and it’s impossible to see everything in one go. That’s why there is a café, where you can take a break and continue when you regain your strength. 

John Rylands Library

This library is famous not only in Manchester but also in all of England. It was first opened to the public in 1900. The architecture of the building alone is worth paying a visit. The exterior, as well as interior feature some of the best gothic ornaments. The library offers many written texts and resources from all around the world. Anyone who loves written text and knowledge will love visiting John Rylands Library. 

Manchester Art Gallery

This is just one more highlight that has adorned the city of Manchester since the 19th century. It includes exhibits from all around the world and from many different times throughout history. It features artwork from big names such as Gainsborough, Turner, and Pissarro. Manchester Art Gallery contains more than just artwork. Some of the exhibits include ceramics, metalwork, and everyday items throughout the modern and postmodern art history of England. To truly enjoy the experience, you can book a guided tour. Sometimes the gallery hosts one-time events, which can be exciting as well. If you’re looking for culture, Manchester Art Gallery is the best the city has to offer.

Old Trafford

For Football fans, there’s nothing more exciting than to see Old Trafford. Even if you’re not a fan, this stadium has a history and carries an important tradition. You can reserve a tour to explore the area, including the museum, which features exhibits from the rich history of the club. If you’re a fan of Manchester United, you can show your love by buying some merchandise. Anyone interested in football must see this iconic football stadium. If you aren’t concerned about spending a little extra, you can even get a ticket and attend a match of Manchester United. You can also sign up for 22Bet and make your experience even more exciting by betting.

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