Both adults and children love to watch cartoons, especially those that can hurt your heart. The choice of cartoons is so great that it can be quite difficult to choose a good cartoon. We decided to save you time and collect all the best cartoons together, just as BetAmo collected all the best bets on its platform. Well, we proceed to our top.

“Toy Story: The Great Escape” (2010)

The third part of Toy Story in 2011 won the Academy Award not only for the best cartoon but also for the best song – “We Belong Together”. Andy is already quite an adult: he is 17, and in three days he leaves for college. Toys reflect on their future fate. It turns out that Andy wants to take only Woody with him, and put the other toys in the attic. By chance, the hostess of the house takes a bag of toys for garbage and throws it out into the street. The toys were offended and decided to go to kindergarten through a donation box.

“Up” (2009)

Carl Fredriksen is 78 years old, and he likes to grumble more than anything. However, he has one last mission – to travel to South America in memory of his wife. To pull it all off, he tied several thousand balloons to his house and was like that. However, already during the flight, he discovered that he accidentally took with him a very talkative boy Russell. That’s when the real adventures began. Like Toy Story, this Pixar cartoon was awarded two Oscars.

“The Secret of Coco” (2017)

The Secret of Coco

The cartoon inspired by one of the main holidays in Mexico, the Day of the Dead, also received two Academy Awards. It is on the idea of this holiday that the plot of the cartoon is based. Miguel dreams of making music and becoming like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. However, his family stands in the way of realizing his dream, where music is equated with a curse: the fact is that Manuel’s grandfather left his family because of music lessons. Manuel in despair goes to the Land of the dead to visit his idol. And he is accompanied by a spirit in the form of a skeleton named Hector.

“The Book of Life” (2014)

is another story about Mexico and the feast of the dead. Two friends fall in love with the Mayor’s Office because of a dispute between two gods of the world of the dead. Whoever Maria marries, he wins. If the chosen one Xibalba wins – the ruler of the land of the Forgotten – then the country of the Forgotten passes to his rule. But if Katrina, the second goddess of the dead, wins, Xibalba promises not to meddle in people’s affairs. Because of this confrontation, complete darkness may come on Earth, and something needs to be done.

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