UFCA Betting on MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, especially on UFC, which is the most famous MMA organization in the world, managed by the controversial president Dana White, is a trend that has increased a lot in the last years thanks to the online sportsbooks, especially thanks to the big stars of the sport, such as Conor McGregor and the already retired but very well-known Ronda Rousey, who at one time was considered the most dangerous woman on the planet. That’s why here at Sports Betting 24 you’ll find UFC odds updated only with high-value bets, that is, with UFC bets that are profitable in the long term. There is usually a UFC event available for UFC betting every week, always featuring the best fighters in the world. 

Which is the best online sportsbook for UFC / MMA betting?


Without a doubt the most profitable choice and the reasons are obvious:

  • It offers the best odds in the entire market for MMA fights
  • It offers dozens of different markets on the main UFC fights
  • You can bet live on the fights and take advantage of Sport’s excellent 1st deposit bonus

What are the best events and organisations to bet on in MMA/FCU?


Although UFC betting is undoubtedly the most performed MMA sports betting in the fight betting market, it is necessary to realise that there are other great MMA organisations that allow those passionate about the sport to make excellent bets and earn a lot of money from it.

In this way, the main competitors of the UFC, at this moment, are Bellator and also One Championship. These two organizations, despite still being far from the size and fame of the UFC, are betting big on hiring great fighters, thus providing excellent quality fights, making more and more people follow and get interested in this sport that is clearly on the rise.

In fact, betting on MMA and UFC is such a good opportunity for you to have fun and also make money, that the volume of bets on these markets is already higher than what happens in boxing, the combat sport that, for many decades, completely dominated all the markets. However, MMA and UFC are changing the history of combat sports in recent years, and this is reflected in the betting.

The odds you can find on UFC and MMA betting

Betting on UFC or MMA is very different to the markets that exist on sports such as baseball or volleyball. Here you can only bet on two outcomes (victory of fighter A or fighter B) and there is no such thing as the famous goals. Besides the winner of the fight, you can bet on whether the fight will end by KO or by decision, and even if a fighter will win in a given round. Here the betting options are gigantic and cater for all existing bettor profiles.

Not to forget that besides the Brazilian bettor being able to make UFC bets in the short term, ie on this week’s fights, whether pre-live or live, they will also have the possibility of being able to make UFC bets in the long term. An example of this is betting that a certain fighter will win in his weight class at the end of the year. You will also be able to bet on how many fights a certain fighter or fighters will make in that same year.

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