The slot machine phenomenon

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If an outsider looks at slot machines, they are bound to come to the conclusion that they don’t offer anything extraordinary. They are extremely simple games that follow the same general rules. Nevertheless, to date there have been more than 20,000 different titles featuring this simple scheme and hundreds of new slots appear every year. Why have these simple games become such a hit with millions of people playing them every day?

The secret lies precisely in this simplicity. Despite the apparent complexity of some titles – everything really depends on the random number generator anyway. Thanks to this every player has the same chances. Skills have practically no meaning here. The user’s task is to eliminate all his own mistakes. Then he can only rely on randomness, and this, as it turns out, has a very strong influence on the subconscious of the recipient. People like to put themselves in the hands of fate. If they fail, they don’t feel they’ve made that much of a mistake, and every victory provides a huge boost of endorphins.

Additionally, after going online, slot machines have become universal in a way. Developers were given the green light to create any modifications they wanted, as long as they didn’t interfere in any way with the basic gameplay of slot games. In this way, players have received hundreds of productions of adventure, action, based on films, series, video games, etc. This allows you to relax with a well-known theme and have even more fun.

In addition, game developers implement original solutions into their slot machines, which significantly change the course of the game – everything still works according to the same scheme, but presents itself slightly differently. Some of the most popular solutions that change the rules of slot machines include:

  • Megaways;
  • Freefall;
  • Buy Feature;
  • Free Spins Bonus and many more.

It all depends on the creators themselves. Their task is to create interesting mechanics that will make the games more willingly chosen by players around the world.

Table games always strong

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Despite the fact that table games are usually in a huge minority in relation to slots, they cannot be ignored. Games of this type were created even hundreds of years ago and still work practically unchanged today. Therefore, there is no need to create dozens or hundreds of versions of the same game. Rather, table game developers focus on creating one version of a given roulette variation and make updates as needed. This unique simplicity of table game gameplay means that anyone who once learns the rules can successfully play all versions of the game.

A perfect example would be roulette, which has had an unchanged format for several hundred years. Over time, variations have been developed that have minimally affected the gameplay. However, if one has learnt the rules of the basic game, he or she will certainly do well in all other variations.

Therefore, it is worth spending some time getting to know the gameplay of these simple games, and after a few moments you can have fun with all its versions. If someone is not looking for a huge variety and counts above all on solid gameplay, refined over decades or even centuries, then table games will certainly meet their needs.

It’s also worth noting that table games tend to have a higher RTP than slot machines. When slots boast a return of 95%, roulette has around 97-98% (depending on the variation chosen). Considering the statistical odds of winning, table games almost always have an advantage over slot machines. Therefore, the final choice should be based primarily on the quality of play. Some players will be able to sacrifice this small difference and choose the varied fun of slots, while those driven by pragmatism will certainly opt for table games. Fortunately, casinos such as Vulkan.Bet make this choice easier by making all games available as demos

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